3D Prints

Aztec Cufflink

Solid brass 3D printed cufflinks. Fit any standard dress shirt that requires cufflinks.

Aztec Beads

A collection of solid brass Aztec idols that can be used as beads in earrings and necklaces or simply held for luck and prosperity.

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  2. Quetzalcoatl: A creator God, patron of culture, civilisation, art and knowledge to bring wisdom and strength.
  3. Centzon Totochtin: A group of 400 divine Rabbits, Gods of drunkenness and good cheer to bring high hopes and merriment.
  4. Tlaloc: Earth and water God, brings life and represents fertility, to bring sustenance, power and life.

Tequila anyone?

A shot glass designed with Tequila or Pulque in mind perfect for celebrating Cinco de Mayo. The design honors Centzon Totochtin (400 Rabbits) a group of Aztec gods, divine rabbits who are the gods of drunkenness who meet for regular parties. Made from food safe ceramic the cup holds one UK spirit measure (25ml). Available to buy from my store at Shapeways.com where each cup is made to order in a choice of colours. (white, black, blue yellow or green).

Jellyfish Earrings

A pair of jellyfish themed earrings designed in 3Ds MAX then printed using a 3D printer. The material used is gold plated steel. the various chains are sourced from Japan and are were attached by hand.